Doughboy holding a plate of Chocolate Pancakes with the text, "Quick Pancakes, ready in 2 minutes!" in the background. A front facing pack of Pancake Mix in the bottom corner.

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Chocolate Pancakes with fruit and syrup on the side

Chocolate Pancake Mix

Delicious chocolate flavoured snacks ready in just 2minutes!

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A plate of Butterscotch pancakes with a cup of coffee, silverware and a napkin. Also includes a box of Butterscotch Pancakes Mix.

Butterscotch Pancake Mix

It takes just 2 minutes and 3 simple steps to prepare yummy pancakes that you can customise with toppings of your choice!

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Lifestyle image of Lava Cake - Choco-Molten on a white plate

Choco Molten Lava Cake

Restaurant style lava cake now at home. Just Microwave for 30 sec and enjoy!

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